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How to keep music and add new music to secondhand iPod

I have a second hand iPod classic 40gb. I want to keep most of the music on it and add my own but cannot get it to sync or anything. Help!!!

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iPod classic did not come in 40GB :-)


If you sync it, you will lose those files. Does it show up in your computer when you plug it in?


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Kelly, I use Sharepod, available here as well as Copytrans available here to copy files from iPods to my PC. then add those files to my iTunes library if needed. I am certain there are plenty of other programs that will do that. Of course you can also try and copy those files with your iPod in disk mode, but due to the iPod file structure, the music files will be hard to identify.

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Ahhhh. Well, it resembles the iPod classic but it only has 40gb.

We are having all kinds of difficulty with it. I gave it to my friend and she said she was able to pull it up in her iTunes and name it but had trouble and got errors about something being corrupted. She says the battery is not holding a charge( it was for me) and I do not know if that can be fixed but she wants me to help her get it working. She has windows 8 on her comp and wants to keep most of my music and add hers to it. I have no clue whst to do!


Kelly, post an image of your iPod and lets start with that. Now if your friend already "named" it did she try to sync it? Is your music still on the iPod. Does any computer recognize the iPod? It does sound to me like you are having an iPod 4th gen/Photo. Do a search on Google and look at those images and see if they match your iPod.


It does look like a 4th gen in red U2 spinwheel. I tried to post a pic here but no luck, lol. I wish I still had the thing in my possession as it is with my friend who is even more clueless as I...but I may get out to her place over the weekend and if so we can reference this link together. I know she is having battery issues I was not having, but she could probably get a new battery on ebay so it will run more than two hours on a charge. the main problem is for us to get it synched to her comp which has a windows 8 platform and then hopefully save some of my music that is already on it. Maybe she will need to download sharepod. My music is still on it but it seems she could not sync it. I cannot thank you enough for your patience and assistance!!! ;-) Kelly


Just let me know when you have the iPod back or when you can work on it. The battery is relatively easy to replace.


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