missing part on iPhone 4s motherboard

After replacing an ipgone 4s screen, the phone keept seaching... for signal, with o without the simcart insertet...

Finaly i found out that the following pice in the red circle :(https://www.dropbox.com/s/tw1egjwavqq731...) was missing!!!

Block Image

So now mi question is what is the name of the missing part, and where can i get it?

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anders, what is missing is reference designator U18_RF and it is a 2-input AND gate, Part number 311S0548 alternate part number 311S0398 TI 2-INPUT AND GATE 74AUP1G08GF. the datasheet is available on here and the part itself is available at places like this. Just remember that it is a SOT891 package and thus pretty small. It will require some special solder skills. Hope this helps, good luck.

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