4.3" widescreen LCD display with a 333 MHz Processor. Model Number PSP98510. Repair for this device requires common screwdrivers and prying tools.

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What do I do with it now ... Scrap it?

The led on mine is permanently broken but I left it in rice like you do with phones and after I leave the battery out for however it takes for the time to reset to where it asks you to reset it it turns on but after that it shuts off and I can't turn it on until what I said happens but yeah that's a waste... What do I do with it now ... Scrap it?

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moisesnake, your sentence is a bit confusing.I suppose it does have water damage. Rice is a great first aid, but it does not prevent corrosion, nor does it fix broken components. The first thing I'd do is to remove the battery, disassemble the PSP and clean the logic board with high percentage isopropyl alcohol. After that you should replace the battery and reassemble your PSP. Re-evaluate after that. At this time you do not have anything to lose but a whole lot to gain. Here are the guides to work on your PSP. Hope this helps, good luck.

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