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Keyboard malfunction on Sony Vaio Laptop

My Sony VAIO VGN-T2XP built-in keyboard is producing spurious output. An external USB keyboard gives correct characters. Is it possible to repair possibly by replacing the ribbon cable?

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Vaio and its famous keyboard problem.

I have bought a broken Vaio off Fleebay recently. it was stated as water spillage and keyboard needs replacing. when i have opened it up, i have found, there was nothing spilled on it. COmmon problem with this make is failing South and North bridge chip, also graphic chip causes a lot of problems. my computer behaved the same way as yours. it have not been able to write a single word without at least 5 different characters, randomly chosen by itself... aslo, it freezes a lot. i have changed the keyboard, and nothing. it have behaved the same way. and also, if i had external USB keyboard plugged in, it worked normal.

My model number was VGN-FZ21s. those have common problem with failing graphic chips. its due to SOny using wrong, lead-less solder, which melts at lower temperatures then it should. SOny denies that... here in UK, we have a possibility of so-called RE-Balling of graphic chip, which usually helps, if graphic issues. if South-NOrth bridge issues, i am not sure, if it can be fixed. i would say, your best shot would be to arrange pick up with sony, let them fix it for you. (if in warranty) if out of warranty, i would call them as well, let them check it for you and after they give you estimate, you still can tell them off. for my problem, they have asked me for equall to USD1200, due to faulty MB.

I think, this is your problem. faulty MB. and that can be costy. you need to decide. for the sort of money, sony wants for repair, you can get a new one. but if you look for MB on fleebay, you can get it for almost a quarter of the price. i got my for 350 pounds, now laptop working flawlesly...

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Thanks for the info. The machine is quite old so a Sony repair would not be economic. I'll look on e-bay for a MB.

John Ross

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mine vaio is havinfg a video issue and from 2006

at least i have a macbook pro too:)


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