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A unibody aluminum generation of the Mac mini identifiable by the model number A1347 or A1993, spanning the Mid 2010 to the currently sold Late 2018 model.

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Need Photo of Heatsink Springs

My mini is without the heatsink springs. I can't find replacements online but am thinking if I see a photo of the springs then perhaps I can use a substitutes.


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Apple doesn't list the screw or spring for the heat sink in their Mac mini & Mac Mini Server (Mid '10) Apple Technicians Guide (MC408LL) so I can't give you a part number.


Page 141 of the Apple Technician Guide

(Mac mini (Mid 2010)

Mac mini (Mid 2010) and Mac mini Server (Mid 2010)


is a screw chart with excellent quality photo's of all screws along with part numbers. Unfortunately there is not a photo of springs. Do you think the springs are included when ordering the screws?


They don't list the heat sink screws only the board mount screws.


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I don't think a photo will help you here.

The diameter of the spring needs to fit under the screw head to compress the heat sink down, yet allow some flex for expansion and slightly different heights of the CPU & GPU chips. The amount of tension needs to be just enough to press the heat sink but not too much to squeeze out the thermo paste. So you don't want a large spring nor to stiff of one either.

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Thanks, Dan. I realize the diameter requirements, yet I still think a photo will help. I want to count coils and try to determine the grade of wire used in the spring. At this point anything is better than no springs which is preventing me from reassembly. Thanks again!


Maybe someone with a junker or one thats open can offer you the specs of the spring.


I sure hope so, Dan. It may be my only option at this point. My mini was given to me by the original owner. She took it apart to replace the optical drive and decided she didn't want to reassemble the mini. I don't understand why she removed the heat sink. Wish she hadn't. A few other screws are missing too. I may have to buy a dead mini for parts. :-(


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