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small scratches on screen of MacBook air 11''

My macbook air has scratches on the screen. I don't know how they got there but is there anything i can do?

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Depending on where you live the debris that is floating in the air could be highly abrasive (i.e. volcanic ash). So if you wipe the surface with anything thats on the screen that's abrasive you will likely scratch it.

The best way to clean your screen is to use can'ed air and blow at an angle to remove anything that is sitting on the screen before you use anything on the glass to polish or wash away any grease or dirt.

If you do need to use a cleaner wet the cloth don't spray the screen directly. And be careful on what you use depending on the screen you can damage it.

Once it's scratched there is little one can do. Minor scratches can be masked using wax to fill in the voids if you have a gloss screen (nothing for matte screens), but even that has its limits. Trying to scrub out the scratch with a fine polish will take some doing and you have to be careful not to press to hard on the surface as you can damage the LCD below it.

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Good to mention, thanks - of course you need to clean the screen with screen cleaner before wiping it with a cloth or something like that. The whole process is similar to remove micro scratches from your cars paint.

Regards, Stone


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I am not familiar with Airbooks, but if it has kind of glass before the LCD (or the LCD itself has a "glass" surface) then you can use a micro fibre cloth - Apple themselves sell such ones.

You need to wipe the surface with the cloth with circling movements on the affected points.

Regards, Stone

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replacement is the only alternative sadly

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