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Will isopropyl alcohol be safe on my lcd monitor?

Have some adhesive on my lcd from peeling off the glass component, will isopropyl alcohol be a safe solvent to clean it off?

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Make sure you get a good quality alcohol as some cheap stuff has other solvents which can cause damage or it leaves a film of junk when it dries. Best to get 85% or better, reagent grade being the ideal (no junk in it).

Wet a cotton swab with the alcohol. Don't over do it, as you don't want the alcohol is seep into the works.

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I agree with everything but the percentage you mention. For cleaning things like this or electronic boards use Pharmaceutical grade 91% or better. If you can't find it on the shelf the pharmacist will have it behind the counter or you can by it on line. I realize that you are thinking there is not much difference between 85% and 91% (available at Walgreens) but, there is insofar as contaminate content. I use 99% for things like this, final clean on boards and in my flux formula.


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