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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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How to fix a jammed DVD/CD

I've been working on repairing an A1181 mabook. My little brother jammed a DVD or CD in it...then attempted to forcefully remove the disc with out using any of the commands or other normal tactics to remove a disc. So now its extremely stuck. The optical drive has taken to making terrible grinding noise and sad whimpering attempts to eject the disc.

I've tried all the different computer short cuts to remove the disc from the basic hitting the eject button to starting the computer in the single user interface and trying to type the command there.

I'm guessing the drive is permanently damaged by the sound it makes, but I am still hoping to atleast remove the disc.

There is a screw stuck in the frame as well (not stripped, just stubborn)

If you can I'd like some advice and tips for opening and removing the disc, if its feasible and the possibility of further damage. Would it be a better thing to just take it in for a repair?

many thanks for the help!

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There are some suggestions for dealing with stuck/stripped screws at the right. You might try the double sticky tape method of optical media retrieval.

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thats a great idea! its a full sized disc, do you think it will still work?


Has for me. =8^)


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