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Updated version of the Kindle Fire 7" tablet by Amazon with 1280x800 HD display. Released September 2012. Repairing this device is straightforward.

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dropped in water,plugged it comes on,unplugged goes out?

I tried turning on device when I got it out of water. It then came on, and then went out. I put in bag of rice and left for 1 day and I can plug it in it comes on. But once unplugged will go out.

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Pam, rice is a great first aid, but it will not prevent corrosion nor will it clean logic boards or repair batteries. The very first thing I would do, is to no longer charge it or turn it on. This will only increase the risk of failure due to short circuited components. Disassemble the Kindle using this teardown. Clean all the parts with isopropyl (90%+) alcohol. Visually check for any burned, charred or missing components, replace the battery, then reassemble your Kindle and re-evaluate. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Where can I get a new battery? My Kindle comes on and can see a ? Over the battery. Is this the battery bad due to water damage? Or is it something else?

unplug goes off.

Thanks oldturkey03



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