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Is it possible to have a 10-bit display?

Howdy, all -

I'm looking to purchase a used MB Pro 17" (QC i7) in the near future. I know Apple's laptop displays suck, since I already have a 17" PB G4 with the "8-bit" (6-bit with look-up table) display, so I was considering a 10-bit IPS swap from a 17" HP EliteBook with the LED DreamColor display (the LG LGD0270). The laptop it came in, the EliteBook 8740w, I believe has a UEFI.

Here's what I'm asking:

  1. Is it physically feasible to install the display, and if so, will Mac OS X recognize it?
  2. Will I be able to perform a calibration to the display's look-up table under Mac OS X with the display-specific colorimeter?

Thanks in advance.

- Jared

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Any ten year old laptop sucks compared to todays models. If that's where you're coming from - why buy a Mac? Buy the machine and hardware you want - then run the OS and apps under emulation.

Due to EFI and driver problems (let alone possible connector problems) you can't just stick any old display on any laptop.

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Any laptop - Apple or other!


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