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MBP 1260 won't power-up; fans, optdrive, sleep light awaken then stop.

Greetings, everyone. Michael here from Panama CIty Beach, in sunny Florida.

What I lack is experience with the powering which I can hopefully glean from the experts/experienced folks in this very cool group. I've signed-up for the newsletters and will make it a point to contribute helping others paying forward as best as I can. Thank you in advance for any assist you may offer.

Current Issue:

1. 2006 vintage A1260 MBP with reliable service history suddenly will not start. Has some 1-2 sec fan and SD noise, but that's it.

2. Typically keep in sleep mode. After three days on battery with 'cool pad' forgetfully plugged in powering 2 external fans - batt died.

Power Button Observations:

1. Pressing Pwr Button momentarily - fans start fast then spin down; SD awakens; sleep light bright 1 sec, then goes dim for 1 sec, then out.

2. Holding Pwr Button for 10 secs continuously (as with forced shut-down) the Sleep Light does the following:

a. 1-2 secs steady bright

b. 2-6 secs steady dim

c. 6-7 secs flashing dim

d. 7-8 secs off

e. 8-9 secs on dim

f. 9-10 secs off

Current Power Conditions:

1. Primary Battery charged all green light on

2. Spare Battery charged

3. New 85W AC/DC charger w/green light functioning

What I've Tried:

1. Followed Apple troubleshooting and restarting bulletins

2. Start-up on batt alone, batt & power adapter, power adapter alone

2. Reset SMC

3. Read for hours looking for troubleshooting tips

4. Suspect Logic Board and/or Power adapter internal connector issues from what I've read

Background: Had my MBP since '06 and since replaced OEM HD with SSHD Nov '11; removed everything to clean cabernet spill Mar '12; replaced bottom tray/case May '13. Machine fully functioning up 'till yesterday.

Found this forum this morning and did my research but am unable to discern if start-up problem is with my A1260's Logic Board or power adapter connection. I've tinkered around with my MBP upgrading OEM HD to SSHD, adding memory and changing the lower shell so do have some humble experience with the internals. I use my 1260 daily to keep-up with our four daughters and 4 grand daughters as well as research and write. We are an iFamily and when I priced a replacement 15" Retina MBP with similar specs (!!!) >$3.5K I realized that ain't gonna happen on our retirement budget. So, using my lovely bride's MacBook, I'm attempting due diligence to get my antique back up and running. If you can lend a hand . . .

In appreciation,


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Please give us the last three figures of your serial number, located in the battery compartment. Test the AC adapter out on your other machine. What happens when you attach the adapter to your machine? (light sequence)


Hey, Dan - thanks for jumping in here. Appreciate your assist.

Last 3 = YJX

Tested the adapter on other MB and worked well. Light sequence on 1260: No light for 3 secs then went green. On other MB: No light 3 secs then green 1 sec then orange (batt not fully charged)


Pardon me, I think that was mayer that responded with dan editing?


Apple MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 15" (08) Specs

Identifiers: Early 2008 - MB133LL/A - MacBookPro4,1 - A1260 - 2198


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I would be willing to bet this is the nVidia 8600 video processor issue. Apple is no longer providing a free fix on this. There are several companies providing a repair for this problem on eBay. You might also contact Apple and see if they will do a reasonably priced "flat rate" repair on this. There is enough documentation and precedence to take Apple to small claims court and win. You can always mention this and ask Apple for a "exception" since you are a multiple Mac user and long time customer. There's tons of documentation on this site and others, just do a search for "nVidia 8600".

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Ahhh, so there's a historical trend of nVidia 8600 premature failures. . .

Some additional questions for you:

1. How is the nVidia preventing the start-up sequence? I'm trying to learn how these components interact.

2. What would cause the nVidia 8600 board to fail?

3. Is that part replaceable individually or is it part of a larger board e.g. motherboard?

4. Would failure of the nVidia be related to an inability to send an iPhone (yes we have 3) video via email? When opened, there's just a black screen. Just had that issue a week ago. Had to drag out my Olympus camera to send the video.

In the meanwhile, I'll commence searching for a better understanding of function, replacement availability, and cost. I'm confident I can do myself, but before I get too cocky I better check.

Thanks so much, Mayer, for the assist. I'll keep you posted with my progress and if needed, may I ask you additional follow-up questions?



1. don't know, it just does sometimes 2. bad soldering 3. it's part of the main logic board and can be rebelled, desoldered, replaced if you have a work station 4. this question makes no sense. Don't get to confident, I can't do it. Ask away but study first. You know about just a little bit of knowledge.


Well, Mayer, I've read all about Seattle Rex's successful law suite and other attempts, some futile, to get this nVidia issue resolved. Right now I'm pretty bummed and will need to re-group & research to determine next steps. The cost of the logic board, if I can R&R it sans fanfare, and if my '08 (thanks for the age correction) machine is worth investing more money into.

Again, appreciate you working with me here on this. I will contribute to the forum as well as I am able.



These guys, found on eBay, have repaired a couple successfully for me:


Apple won't do any service (or supply parts either) on this model any more as it's been End of Life'd (EOL). This May was the last they worked on them (7 Years or better from the last day of manufacture is the law here in the states).


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The extreme heat caused by the processor affects the soldering of the Nvidia 8600.

The problem is solved with a "reballing"


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Your Sep 7th tip to send in my A1260 for repair to NYC worked-out. They were reasonably priced, communicated appropriately, and most importantly - they fixed the problem. As you identifted, the issue was the Nvidia. It would have been easier to absorb the money loss if it hadn't been a part already known to be bad. That changed my perception of Apple (among other things they've done to be more of a 'corporation' and not a company). Guess all good things come to an end, eh?

All told, the repair was $315 ($169 board work + $100 for video card replacement + $46 shipping). Money well-spent considering the overall quality of the Pro. Additionally, I've already replaced/upgraded the HD with SSdrive and increased RAM earlier.

Like an old car, one has to balance the benefits of repairing or retiring the machine. Made more sense to re-invest in the Pro. Hopefully it will turn-out to be a good decision.

Again, thank you so very much for lending a hand and helping me.



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