Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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iMac Diagnostic LED question

I am trying to troubleshoot my 07 Intel iMac (EMC 2133) which is refusing to turn on. No chime on boot, no noise of spinning HDD, nothing....

I removed the front and tried to get some idea of what was going on from the diagnostic LEDs located next to the RAM slot. Unfortunately, none of the 4 lights showed any activity whatsoever.

Is this indicative of a dead power supply or is the whole logic-board, PS, etc toast?

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Check this guide to see if you are up to checking out your PSU.


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It is indeed indicative of a PSU (power supply unit) failure. Of course start at the wall socket and move forward - there are infamous tales of power problems that were traced to a cord that "looked" to be connected but turned out it was only just hanging in place.

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I have a new power supply on order but after reading more threads on this issue I am curious how valid some other suggest are and if they are correct.


no LEDs lighting, replaced power supply. dead. AC line filter?


In that thread Mayer claims that even if the PS is dead that I should get the first light to show activity. Is he correct? In the Apple service manual is also makes reference to possibly replacing the "AC Line Filter" - in fact the other thread also asked about it - but no part sold by any Apple vendor seems to sell it or even make mention of that part. What is it? ------------------All other tips I can attempt have been tried: the HDD has been pulled, RAM replaced, etc.., I don't have a multimeter to test for damaged wires.


Meyer knows his stuff and the word he chose was "usually". And, it turned out you and Jonathan didn't report or comprehend that, as Jonathan said "When you would first plug it in, one LED would come on for 3 seconds and go out. " I've never worked on a PSU - I know diagnostics but I'n not a very good electronic repair person. I don't repair logic boards or components, So, back to your problem.. unplug your HD... (if it solves your problem you missed observing the LED lighting up and you can go one from there).


IMnsHO There's DIY, advanced DIY, and better done by professionals. Some people here are beginners, they have no tools, or experience, but a lot of confidence & the ability to read, comprehend and problem solve (key components of any repair/troubleshooter). Some here work in electronic/computer repair industry they have lots of special tools, experience and knowledge. Information needed/provided for one might be inappropriate or useful to the other. (Reading Apple Service Manuals for the first group may provide too much information) Lastly there are repair/recycle people who not only have the tools & skills of the second group they have financing or resources to have, or have access to, some very expensive and sophisticated tools the other two can not. Not every repair is a DIY project-some are of such limited scope or expense that if you're only doing one you won't know what/how to fix something until your done.


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