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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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another water damaged MacBook with kernel_task

Hey guys, I know regular contributors will be sick of the ever popular kernel_task problem questions, but I have an issue which I haven't been able to solve through these threads.

So this is my issue

I bought a water damaged macbook pro from a young woman and spent a bit of time cleaning the logic board with isypropyl alcohol and a tooth brush, as well as replacing the HDD with a ssd and upgraded to 8gb of ram, with a fresh install of 10.8, after all of this I booted it up and then it worked fine, for 2 minutes, then the WiFi/Bluetooth stopped working and kernel_task took over, before you ask I did replace the thermal paste. Once I disconnected the wireless card the problem ceased, reset pram and SMC then rebooted then shut down the plugged it back in the resettled pram and SMC then booted, problem still there, bought new airport card, problem still there..

So that's where I'm up to, if I disconnect the airport card it works, but the airport card is brand new, should I replace the cable?!

If this has been solved and I haven't found it I'd be amazed so please tell me politely and I'll remove the question.

Thanks, Tom

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Have you checked and cleaned out the airport card connector on the logic board. There might be some damage in the actual connector, since that is the only thing I can think of that might cause an issue if it is happening with any airport card you put in there, that is, other than other damaged components on a logic board. I had a similar problem on an older macbook, and it turned out that the airport card was not at fault, it was actually a small conductive pad that was shorting out the card.


ive cleaned the connector and re-cleaned the whole board for a third time, it works at the moment for about 15 mins each time i plug it back in. currently i have the antenna soaking, and will put it all back together in about an hour.

can you elaborate where the conductive pad your talking about is?

also another note when it fails after 15 mins its not causing kernel_task to eat ram and cpu power anymore, also no errors are appearing in console.

ive taken the advice given by @machead3 and bough a wifi dongle however i want to get it fixed still as non functioning wifi/bluetooth will hurt re-sale,

thanks for all your help


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I agree with Owen - as a work around you might try a wireless USB dongle... that would give you wireless without crashing the machine, or, replacing the component/logic board.

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