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What is the effect of soaking PRAM battery in isopropanol?

While cleaning my macbook after a drink spill I soaked the logic board in isopropanol without removing the PRAM battery. Someone then told me that I shouldn't have done this and I probably killed the battery.

So then I tried to remove it, and while doing this I broke a connector from the battery to the logic board. The PRAM now doesn't work.

My question is, is it true that the battery itself is probably broken and so needs to be replaced along with the logic board connector, or is the battery OK and I just need to try repairing the connection with the logic board?

Secondly, could anyone offer advice on repairing this connection?

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What percentage isopropanol did you use?


It was 99% isopropanol


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If you have a 2009 battery it is not replaceable. Generally soldering components on a logic board is not a DIY project it requires special tools, solder and lots & lots of practice. A DIY repair would be to replace the entire logic board (it was questionable anyway).

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Thanks for the answer. It's not a 2009 battery - it's one of the big blue replaceable ones.

Would I see anything useful by testing the PRAM battery with a multimeter?


I don't have much to lose with the PRAM, so I'll probably try and find a service that can try the soldering.


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