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Glue on the LCD connector

Hiya guys, I need help, tried doing a replacement screen on a customers LCD/digitiser but I accidentally got glue on the LCD connector, therefore the new screen doesn't "click into place" properly, anyone give me any ideas to fix this? Kind regards Matthew

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Ooh that stinks. I would use either of these methods:

If there is a lot in there.

Hot glue becomes brittle when it gets extremely cold.

Place the iPod in the freezer and allow the glue to get very cold and brittle.

Remove it and work quickly with a small paperclip, or metal poker (careful to not damage the connectors) to break up the glue and scrape it away. Often the glue will pop off of the surface when it is so cold.

Or, if there is just a little bit in there, I would recommend using acetone.

Acetone is a well-known adhesive remover and works well for removing thin layers of hot glue.

Moisten a cotton ball with acetone or acetone nail polish remover and apply it to the glue.

Blot with a clean cloth. The acetone will break down the glue so it can be transferred to the clean cloth.

Continue applying the acetone and blotting to remove until the glue is completely gone.

I wish you good luck sir in your endevors, hopefully everything works out.


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