did the hair-dryer 'reflow' - and it did not fix my '360.

I've installed the iFixIt "Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit", did the hair-dryer 'reflow' - and it did not fix my '360.

I suspect the heat from the hair dryer was insufficient; of course, there could also be a different, unrelated problem with the motherboard that the iFixit kit does not address at all.

Anyway, I am now interested in trying your approach; could you please clarify the following:

1. Your method would 're-flow' only the GPU, right?

2. Is overheating the GPU done with its heatsink on?

3. It sounds like the 'GPU overheating' is done by turning on the system while it's disassembled, right?

--- 3.1 If so, what exactly should remain connected to the motherboard?

4. Is there a more detailed description of the 'GPU overheating' method anywhere?



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AV Phile, you can not do a reflow with a hair dryer. For the why not, check on here. I personally would recommend that you use this Reflowing Xbox 360 Motherboard. Hope this helps, good luck.

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