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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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white screen, dead drive

same issues, laptop mac 13" white circa 2009: white screen, dead drive (proven by external source and by substituting known-good drive). none of the button combinations work, can't get to the options to boot to another drive. Short of a Mac store, I am lost at this point.

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If you connect a valid boot volume the machine should seek and find it on its own (give it time... up to 10 minutes). Part of the POST (power on self-test) is to locate a boot drive... that's why a flashing "?" shows on the screen... or a folder with a ? or a bar through it... that is the EFI way of telling you "I can't find an OS to use to boot this box".

You might want to disconnect the failed drive, and any other peripheral save the boot volume be it optical disk, thumb drive, external drive or target booted Mac computer.

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