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have trouble battery charge and no backlit after a replacement lcd


Post ref chris say

image added! there is a part similar to the fuses described in other posts, a brown or orange smc with an N on it. It reads 8.3v on both sides though.

have you the number of the part for this fuse

I need this because he is wrong in my macbook air emc2392

i have a trouble battery charge and no backlit after a replacement lcd

the fuse backlit is ok and the led driver no dammage

thank you



I join a picture for the fuse N Broken left


Block Image


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jean, not quite sure what part you are referring to. It might help if you give us the number for your logic board i.e. 820-XXXX and post an image of the part that you are inquiring about


The number is 820-2838 A and ssd 504LL/A

thank oldturkey03



jean, I can not access your image right now, so it'll be a few hours...;-)


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jean, I hope I have this right :-) if not mark on you image the component in question. The part with the "N" on it is reference designator F9800 and it is a 2AMP-32V fuse in a 0603 package. the only thing this fuse does is to protect the backlight circuitry, not your charging. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

Block Image

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