Backlight not working after LCD replacement


I have a MacBook 6,1, serial MC207xx/A and the LCD start flickering, so I replaced it. I replaced it because with an external monitor it worked, and because I knew it was because of the junction of the board with the LCD itself that, for some reason, was not working in some positions. (The new monitor is this one).

After replacement, the backlight was not working (I could see things on the LCD, but very dim). Thus, I changed back to the old LCD to confirm that the backlight was also not working anymore.

I reset the PRAM (option+cmd+R+P) and it still doesn't work.

From the different posts in this website, I tend to think that I might have blown the fuse for the blacklight.

Can someone help me to fix it, or give me some advice on how to do it? I don't know how to solder, but I might have a friend that can do it.

Edit: I confirmed it is not the cable or the monitor: I substituted a full display from another working machine to this one and the blacklight is also not working.

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Could have been the inverter board or cable all along. Cables on these get lots of abuse. Look over the cable for nicks, crimps loose connections.

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Thanks for the reply. The inverter board was not for sure since I was very careful with the new LCD (and the old one was fine). The cable is hard to tell. I had changed the original screen twice and had no problems with the cable. How can I test it?


I have no suggestion other than continuity test (flex it a bit as it is in use).


Since the MacBook A1342 uses a LED backlit LCD, there's no inverter cable. All data and power is transmitted through a single cable.


Many times he said he had an LCD (but the link is to an LED). He also claims he checked an inverter board. The identifier (6,1) is for a MBA. We're really getting conflicting information here.


It is an LCD with an LED (instead of CCFL) backlight


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