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4 screws on this MacBook Pro stripped from factory, anyone else?

So I am working on a macbook pro 13, 2012. It has never been opened and came straight from the factory. 4 out of the 10 screws on the bottom are completely stripped. I have tried all Tork screws T4/T5/T6. The other screws that did come out needed the Star5 bit.

I have tried the guide that has been floating in the forums on 12 ways to removed a stripped screw with no luck. Any unconventional methods that worked for anyone?

The bits I am using are from the ifix it kit.



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Is it under warranty?


Thanks for your response. Warranty has expired but thanks for your insight. My next option was a dremel but I def will take it slow.


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This is a "known issue" as we say in the Mac world (as opposed to M$'s "undiscovered feature").

You might be the winner in the number of FSS (Factory Stripped Screws) contest though as most often it's only one stripped screw.

The old tried and true methods are the best... along with having the proper tool (might be a dremmel, might be a small easy out). Take your time - rushing causes problems.

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