Dead Battery iPhone4s?

Hello , please help me solve this! :)

So one day around June , my iPhone 4s shown a battery logo with a plug as it reduced it's percentage. When it died , it wouldn't charge or show any signs that it was working like the red battery logo: I replaced the battery and it worked with 13% percentage ,including the battery plug-logo. Now that it's dead again , what do I do? It wouldn't connect to my laptop/itunes either. Now my chance of restarting my iPhone 4s is gone. :(

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Glenn, make sure that you have a good cable. Connect it to an AC adapter as well to se if it charges. Should that fail, check your dock connector for any debris, bent or broken pins, as well as corrosion. Clean it with some isopropyl alcohol and a few puffs or compressed air or similar. Should that not yield any results, replace your dock connector. Follow this guide. Check your battery connector, make sure it is properly in place and that it is no loose somewhere. Should even that fail, you may have some logic board use.

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