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The HTC One X is the first HTC phone to be equipped with a quad-core processor, released in April 2012.

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I have always a bad range,very low connection

I have only 1 or 2 bars of range. Can I fix the antenna for the range reception?

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Yes you can, and it is less difficult than it seems.

1. Carefully open the rear case with a plastic spudger or your finger nails (if you don't mind to spoil these...). The case is glued to the back side, but with a little force and some patience it will come off.

2. At the inside of the case you will find the copper contacts that pass the signals to the antennas. Lift these contacts carefully with the spudger. Take a piece of double sided adhesive tape and place it below the contact. Stick it back again and it now will probably be able to make a connection.

On Youtube you will find some video's that demonstrate how to open the One X.

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A very simple fix to your bad connection may be to do the squeeze test. Your antenna may simply be disconnected and so squeezing the area between the camera lens and the volume button may help put it back in place. If this doesn't fix your issue then the next best thing may be to replace the antenna. Here is a link to an HTC One X antenna replacement guide:

HTC One X Antenna Replacement

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