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My ac adapter not charging my batttery.

I have a gateway laptop mx6445 series is running windows xp media center sp2. My ac adapter is not charging my battery. It is a new battery and a new ac adapter. It says its charging but in reality its not. My battery power just keeps getting lower and lower. The battery light indicator for charging is even lit. What could it be?

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Ok, here are a few things that I'd try:

Try your friend's AC adaptor in your laptop, that'll rule out a broken connecter there.

Charge your battery using his laptop, that should give you some juice to work with.

Check the internal connecter while the adapter's plugged in, make sure power's getting to the board.

Check for dead capacitors, the internal power gubbins could be broke..

Hope that helps, If the problem is still exsot,I'm afraid you have to buy a new charer and hope this site can help you

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