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iPod classic wont turn on and battery is stuck at a voltage.

I bought an iPod classic 160GB 7th Gen from eBay recently. It was sold as not working, and the seller said it wasn't dropped, or had a drink spilled on it.

What I have tried so far:

  • Replaced the battery
  • The Hold switch, Menu + Select reset combination
  • Charging from PC, Mains and different adapters
  • Using a Voltmeter to check the voltage of the battery.
  • Cleaning the port out

It can charge a battery from anything up to ~2.85V from mains power, I have had this confirmed from both batteries; which makes me think the logic board still works, yet it wont power on or charge to above 2.85V.

I haven't changed the lead, as it still works with another iPod.

Is the logic board gone?

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Ben S, "wont power on or charge to above 2.85V" check the dock connector. Make sure there are no bend, broken or corroded pins. Clean it with a soft brush and some isopropyl alcohol. It is possible that you have an issues with the dock connector, or the power management IC. Also, check the battery connector. This model logic board has issues with the connector coming of the contacts. All this is with the assumption that your battery is new, if not then change it for a new one again. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I've tried all of your suggestions, the pins form the battery connector are being a bit odd, as if the voltage is distributed over different pins each time I try!

The battery I bought was refurbished from eBay.


Like I mentioned in my answer, there are issues with the battery connector on this model. Also, the battery may give you problems since it does not charge above 2.9 V this is the threshold for that battery. You can briefly try and hook a 9V battery (connect + to + and n- to - ) to the iPod battery for a few minutes. Of course do that with the battery disconnected from the iPod. Sometimes this will "wake up" the circuitry in the battery. Just be careful you do not leave it on for to long.


I tried that, the battery charged to 3.51V after about a minute, I tried button combinations and nothing happened (under its own power, whilst charging and in a PC). It also discharged down to 3.37V after about 10 minutes of charging by mains which seems a bit odd.

Thanks hugely for the help :)


Have you tried to charge from an AC adapter yet?


I don't have one, only a official Apple PC cable into a 1A mains to USB adapter. I've got a 2A adapter for my tablet, but I seem to remember that it'll have no impact as it's above the Ipods current drawn when charging?


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