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Generic replacement screen won't power on but cracked OEM screen works

Hey everyone, I am having an issue with a generic replacement screen for an ipod touch 4th gen. I have repaired many iphones and already done an ipod touch 4th gen. My current issue is as follows:

I replaced the screen (complete assembly) and now the ipod won't power on or be recognized in itunes or show the battery charging sign when plugged in. The interesting thing is that when I reinstall the old OEM screen (cracked) it will work completely. The ipod will accept 2 different cracked OEM lcds that I've tried.

Before you say bad LCD, this is the 3rd replacement LCD I've tried all had the same prob. when the cracked OEM screens are on the comp will recognized them and the screens still work. However when the generic replacement is installed it won't power on at all.

Please drop some knowledge on me.

PS I called a repair shop & the guy said he on a rare occasion will get an ipod that won't take generic screens. does that sound right?

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Just in case someone is reading this months later to try and solve their own problem I am letting you know what happened.

Long story short, I went through about 3 defective lcds. I went to a different seller and it worked just fine.

Good luck repairing.


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That is not true. I have NEVER had any iPod that would not work with a replacement screen and I have done a ton of screen replacements on these iPods. When the iPod display is not working can you see it when plugged into a computer?

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Thanks for the response.

No water damage. As previously stated it works fine with 2 different cracked OEM screens.

I'll try another seller; like I said wierd that 3 different screens make it unresponsive when the OEM works fine.

I was just wondering if anyone had a similar experience.


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