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Fully charged Samsung PL55 emits 3 low frequency then dies.

AS stated above, have looked at battery, is fully functional, and the camera was not subject to impact.

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as far as i could goolge it - the main problem with the 3 beeps was a dropped camera - the lens got a little bit tilted and thats why the camera beeps and switches off.

but since i don't have one of those cameras, i can't reproduce the problem.

is there somethin on the screen before it starts to beep ?

does the cmaera makes any noises arount the lens ?

could you try to wiggle the lens a little bit after you witched on?

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I giggled the lens some after noticing a tilt....I LOVE YOU...well not really, but I am very grateful since you solved the problem!!!


WIll you accept his answer? Then other people will know to look here for a solution :)


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I have a SAMSUNG PL55 digital camera. It fall with the lens open and and the lens doesn't go back. It was stuck. I opened it and I directly feed the lens motor with 5V directly from an AC/DC adaptador (the battery is 3,7V). The adaptor I get in home has the closest voltage I could get. When I feed the motor the lens with the properly polarity the lens go back and so I saw that apparently everything (mechanical part no jammed) was okay with the motor and the lens. But when I put the battery and and power on normally the lens go forward and the 3 or 4 beeps issued and the lens can go back. What can be wrong? I let the battery charging 100% just to be sure then I tried and the problem persists...maybe something wrong with the electronic sector that commands the lens motor?!?

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