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Released April 2010 / 2.4, 2.53 GHz Core i5 or 2.66, 2.8 GHz Core i7 Processors

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Replaced main battery, screwdiver slipped, 50% DEAD. Tips?

Hello all,

This is my first time on this board because well....I've never had a broken item. So here I am. I just received a new battery (ifixit replacement battery) for my MacBook Pro 15 unibody mid 2010. Once I got the new battery in, and was pushing the battery plug in (like a dumb A$$ I used a screwdriver) I slipped and ran the screwdriver lightly across the circuit board for about 10 cm (roughly the width of a credit card). I looked with a magnifying glass and can't see damage but there is a light scratch running across the board...very faint, but still there.

So I re-assembled, hit the test light, and all the LED's lit up indicating a full battery. I hit the power button and I heard the hard drive kick in with it's little "klink" sounds, a faint sound of fans, and nothing. The front right (white) power led doesn't come on, no screen, no keyboard lights, but the optical drive did take a DVD but won't give it back.

So, I powered down, took RAM out, and tried to re-start with battery and no RAM. SAME.

I placed old battery back inside, with and without RAM...SAME.

I put new battery back in, powered up with 10 second press of power button...SAME. Now the hard drive "klinks" on, and nothing else.

Can I reset PRAM, or clock battery, or anything else that will help me narrow this down? Could I have fried the board with a light running of a metal screwdriver (boy that sounded dumb coming out! :-) No welds or physical damage to board that I can see under magnification.

SUMMARY:....Battery is good, magsafe works, swapping batteries has no change in behavior and I tried with and without RAM....hard drive engages, fans go on, optical accepted DVD.

I humbly wait and hope I hear something. Thank you in advance to anyone that tries to help.


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So the problem is: Black screen, no chime at boot though you can hear start-up noises. Battery is/indicating full charge.

Try an SMC reset. BTW a SMC reset is not a magical "fix" it's used, called for, when troubleshooting certain problems, some of which you are experiencing.

Connect to an external monitor. If it is dark you may have damaged your VGU/VGC or logic board. If it looks normal but you still see a black screen on your laptop you may have damaged the internal video display chain.

Go over all your connectors again. Many times problems stem from DIYer's *thinking* they have a good reassembly later turned out to be a connection was not full and completely "snapped in", or, they didn't push a ribbon cable in right side up, far enough or lock a cam.

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