Screen black, DVI output good, see desktop with flashlight

I'm looking for suggestions regarding these symptoms.

1. Screen flashes for less than a second at boot up.

2. Boot sequence finishes and all is well. Keyboard lights up, caps lock light works, function keys work.

3. Flashlight shown through logo shows desktop and working cursor.

4. Hooked up DVI to external monitor and it works fine. I can screen share and use the Macbook as well.

What needs replacing? LCD inverter? LCD cable? LCD?

I'll buy whatever it needs, but don't want to go down the rabbit hole. Thanks.

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What are the last three digits of your computers serial number. This will assist us in finding the exact match for your specs.


MacBook Pro 2,2: 2.33Ghz: Last 3 of serial: W0H



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Your problem is most likely the inverter or the inverter cable, I would replace both.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Thanks for the response Dan. I started searching for the inverter and noticed various web sites were referencing part number 612-0038-A and 612-0035-A as interchangeable for the A1211 MacBook Pro.

I haven't opened the LCD to check the part number yet. Do you know which one is correct? Thanks again.


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