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Battery does not charge, MacBook will not run off AC.

Hi guys,

Hopefully you guys can help.

I think something has shorted out in my Macbook.

i have not spilt anything on it, i was testing a charger and simply removed it and the machine shutdown.

When plugging in a new charger no light comes on.

The machine will still power on and run off the battery but simply does not charge. The Battery indicator lights still work.

The machine does not seem to run off the AC Adapter either.

I have tried:

-Replacing the DC Board

-unplugging the battery to see if the macbook will run solely on AC but nothing.

-SMC reset (don't know if that's the right one but the key combo for resetting the power management).

-New charger

Any help would be appreciated as the laptop still works fine, besides charging.

EDIT -- VIDEO THAT SHOWS MY EXACT PROBLEM... the spark is alot bigger in the video though.

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FIXED - So after a long few hours of dreading that my logic board is gone... i pulled it apart again reconnected everything, still did not work..

i tried smc resets numerous times.. still nothing.

i unplugged and replugged another charger a handful of times until it seemed like the laptop shorted out again.. and when it came back the charger light returned and everything is working. weird.


Correct myself its not fixed :(

i went to plug my charger back in this morning and the charge light did not come on.. i replugged it again and it shorted out (looks like the charger is shorting between the body and pins, which turns the laptop off.) are there any keys components that could blow and then enable my macbook to short out when plugging and unplugging the charger???


I suspect you have blown one or more of the FETs. After popping the bottom cover off, locate the battery connector, just above it are two FETs they are the five pinned devices one large pin on one side and four smaller pins on the other. Is there any staining or damage around them and the other devices around them.


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Ray - You may have shocked your system with a static discharge.

Be very careful touching around the power connector on the system as it doesn't take much for static to jump to one of the protected pins when you place your hand near the connector before touching the case.

In the winter months I often need to replace quite a few FET's on the main logic board from static damage. Hopefully your system will be OK.

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:S i hope i haven't done any real damage...

i was not really touching the macbook as i plugged in or removed the charger.. could the FET's still need replacing from a short?


You have a hot ground which is why you are seeing the sparks. This is a symptom of a burn't FET (not a defect on Apples part). The event that caused the damage was maybe days ago. Just handling the system around the connector could have exposed it to the discharge not the act of plugging in the power adapter alone here. Also putting in or pulling out the system from a bag (like rubbing your feet over a carpet) can also do the same thing.


Dan, Thanks soo much for the information!

Do you have a component number or an idea of where the FET/FETS are located on the logicboard?? i would love to order in some to replace them ASAP haha :) its getting fairly annoying just to get my macbook to charge :)

Thanks again.


Ray - The field effect transistor (FET) is a component on the logic board. It sound like you'll need to have someone skilled in SMT soldering to replace the damaged component once he/she has diagnosed which one/s have been damaged.


Thanks, between myself and one of my colleagues we are fairly good with soldering. Now here the next question is it easy to diagnose which FET has the problem? will it be obvious if we test them with a multimeter?

any help is appreciated.


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