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MacBook Pro models with a 15" display

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Keyboard non responsive after removal of ribbon cable

Hello, I recently removed my logic board to clean things up. It's not my first time at all, but when I removed the ribbon cable for the keyboard and then tried to reinstall it, it only goes about 1/8th of an inch in and will not lock into position. Now I have no keyboard... Anyone experience this or know what be going on? Really hope I don't have to replace the board...

I did lift the locking lever thing. I don't know it's technical name but it won't lock the cable in position even when it's in its locked position.


Block Image

Block Image

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Sounds to me like you broke the connector, specifically the cam lock. You may have pulled the ribbon out without unlocking, that could have damaged the end of the ribbon cable… perhaps leaving some insulation stripped off inside the connector. You might be able to puff the insulation out with a blast of air - otherwise a professional replacement of the connector (logic board soldering requires special tools, solder, and lots & lots of practice) OR, logic board replacement.

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The cable may have been bent somehow, so you should check that. You may have also broken the connector, so you would have to replace it.

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