How to take the external casing apart

How do you take apart all the plastic pieces without accidentally snapping wires? I want to take it apart and color the plastic (including where two pieces touch making it hard/impossible to color them separate colors). I feel like I will snap a wire doing this so I hope somebody can do a tear-down/repair and post some pictures.

The two parts I want to know are the head-strap, and the wiring path across head strap.

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thesniper2733, you are talking about coloring the right and left side as well as the head strap. I have a set that needs to be fixed and might tear it down if I know what exactly it is that you are looking for. Would something like this Turtle Beach x12 Circuit board help?


Well sort of, I looked at all the turtle beach problems and answers and saw those before posting but those alone does not give me a good enough idea to do it on mine, the most I have done is un-clip the sides at the pivot point where the arc connects to the speaker part. I haven't removed any screws because I don't know what, (if any) internal structure the screws might be holding together and if it is easy to re assemble. I know sometimes when you take things apart some things are under tension or have small/loose parts that fall out if you remove a screw without you knowing what part they came from from. (I like to call them disassembly traps.) I wanted to know how it comes apart so I dont have springs or tiny parts fly out.

The thing I would like pictures of taken apart is the head band part.

also if I could see the routing of the wire through the headband because I would like it if I could remove the electronic parts in one peice and color the rest as I please.



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