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Which Philips screws on left edge of keyboard area?

In step 28 of the ibook g4 Logic Board Replacement guide, the accompanying image shows which 3 screws need to be removed.

The problem is, those top & bottom left screws are different sizes than the bottom right one. What size screwdriver do I need for them?

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Unless they have been replaced with something different, those screws should just be basic phillips screws...any smallish phillips-head screwdriver should do it. I don't know the technical size of the screws, and it really shouldn't matter so much. If they are problematic, I sometimes use a slightly larger phillips, which can give you a better grip.

If you've gotten to step 28, you should already have a screwdriver capable of dealing with those screws, so I get the idea from your question that there's something more to it than that...are they torx screws, or possibly are they stripped?

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Thanks. They're neither torx nor stripped; they are standard philips head, but I think they're size 00 as none of my screwdrivers (0,1,0-2) quite fit them. When you get down to the tiny sizes, it seems that exactitude of fit matters more and more.


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Small Phillips-head screwdriver.

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