Identifying the Airport and Bluetooth card sockets.

Your AirPort/Bluetooth Combo Card Replacement guide is great but my three leads are different colours to those in your example and they became unknowingly disconnected when upgrading the RAM. Can you please identify which of the three plugs on the card relates to the Bluetooth aerial and which of the other two takes the longer Airport lead. Help would be also appreciated in describing how the leads should be safely routed to their aerials. Thanks.

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Looks to me like the card can only go in one way… two antenna pins to the left, single to the right...

Read the notes about pinching/cutting the wires on reassembly.

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You misunderstand me. I'm talking about identifying which lead plugs into which socket in the Airport/Bluetooth card. My problem is not with the antenna end of the leads.


Did you read the comments for step 12 at the bottom of the page? The heavy black wire is on the right, the thin pink wire is lower left and the heavy grey wire is top left.


Unfortunately, those colours don't help either. I need to know where the Bluetooth cable goes and where the long Airport cable goes.


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