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GSM iPad 2 with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage, and a Dual Core A5 Processor. Model Number A1396. Repair is complicated and requires heat and prying.

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ipad wont slide off after I replaced the wi fi cable

i recently replaced my ipad 2 screen and accidental messed up the wifi cable,i have placed an order for a new one however i also have an issue with it not sliding on it starts up ok it just wont let me slide to unlock it ,could that be caused by the wifi? when i plug it into my laptop it says i must enter the passcode on the ipad i never set it up using the passcode.

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You have either a defective screen, or you have mis-installed your screen. Check to see if the black plastic connector is latched on both sides of the digitizer flex.

Not related to WiFi.

If you have iOS 7--the setup wizard prompts you for a passcode at set up. You may have typed one in just to get past that screen.

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thank you i just ordered another replacement screen from a different company this one has the power button and stickers already on it im praying this works thank you again for your help . i cant turn it off without the slide button and was wondering its on and i know not to touch the lcd with my fingers if it was the screen would the lcd work? is there a way to test if its the screen?


If you can see the image, the LCD works.


thank you so very much for your help it is fixed the replacement one i received didn't work,the second one worked great.


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