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How do I diagnose an MBP which won't power on?

I am attempting to figure out what is wrong with my MBP. It won't power on in any way. It will not beep, make optical drive noise, the sleep light will not blink, I cannot get any signal from this machine.

The magsafe adapter is original and the light is green, the body of the MBP gets rather hot just sitting with it plugged in. I have tried booting it with/without battery which I charged fully in another MBP.

I recently took it out of storage to attempt and fix it, and found it this way. When I put it into storage, it was because I experienced what I believe was the GPU failure. I saw distorted/green/pink lines and artifacts on my screen. After that it would turn on but only show green/pink vertical lines. Now ~2 years later it won't do anything.

Help? I am tempted to buy the logic board but I am hesitant to spend $400 that may not fix it.

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If you had GPU failure 2yrs ago it didn't heal itself sitting in closet. You probably need a new logic board (no DIY fix for a bad GPU).. Maybe the best course at this point is to part out the machine.

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Assuming my logic board is bad, roughly how much would the rest of the machine be worth?

I am also considering that 400-500 for a logic board will far outweigh a $2000+ new MBP.


If the MLB is bad you can probably count on $250-400 depending on what is in demand for your model. The screen will bring the most money.


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