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Magsafe port failure diagnosis and replacement

I have a MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Early 2011 model A1286. Last night I noticed that the light on the Magsafe head wasn't coming on the the MBP wasn't charging. I went to the Apple store to test a new Magsafe power adapter and the problem persists.

The laptop is experiencing no other issues. The part is rather affordable but I haven't looked at difficulty.

Based on the symptoms is it safe to assume that this is my problem?

Is the repair on this expert level?

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What is the age and state of your battery. If the battery is bad it will not charge. While you were at the store did they check the machine out.

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Only you know if you're capable of DIY repair. Purchase the recommended tools (every job is easier when you have the proper tools). STUDY (not just read/skim_ the guide and notes before starting. If it's too daunting check with local repair shops, were into DIY but not every project needs to be a DIY repair, especially if you've never done any small electronics repair or are not a tinkerer...


This is a unibody. The battery has given me none of the indications that I've had with laptop batteries in other MBP's I've had going back to the Duo.

There is visible damage to the port. I'm not sure if there was a power spike or what.

The problem occurred yesterday. Prior to that the battery was charging and holding a charge as per normal.

All signs point to the port but I'm curious if I should have any other diagnosis done. With the battery at 4% now I'm not sure how much diagnosis could be done.


Replacing the Magsafe board is an easy place to begin... if you're lucky you'll fix it in one go.


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