MacBook Air having trouble connecting to WiFi

MacBook Air 11" Model A1370, will search and search for certain WiFi networks and take a long time to connect. Its not the network (it only does it to certain networks, and Im the only one with this problem). Usually I have to turn off WiFi, then turn it back on before it will connect. Is there anything I can do to reset the settings or the adapter?

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If you're running Mavericks this is what Apple calls a "known issue" there's a lot of individual fixes that sometimes work depending upon the laptop you are using.

If you need an Apple ID to see the link - no worries, if you don't already have one, or cant remember the one you created you can make a new one and they are free.

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I am indeed running Mavericks, however I looked through the known issues link you post, and it looks like those are all for Mountain Lion. I tried everything I could find anyway (renew DHCP lease, change MTU size, deleting all preference plist files) none of these helped, unfortunately.


Oh there's a Mavericks Wifi Issue all right.. Sorry I gave you a bad link. Here is a possible fix/


Removing the 2 files re Lion works for some people in Mavericks...


That fix was to remove the plist files, which I have already tried. Thanks though.


There's also a "refusal to work with certain routers" (sorry I don't have a list) and chaining the channels, MTU and setting to n/g that seems to help


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