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Separated speaker socket from LB; computer won't sleep

I did a majorish repair that went rather well overall. I had a couple of minor screwups.

First, I broke the speaker cable socket off the logic board. For now, I just put the machine back together without the speakers working, but I'd like to get them going again if possible. Can I fix this without soldering?

Second, the computer won't sleep when I close the lid. Could that be related to the speaker cable? Otherwise, it could be that there's some place where some wires are clumped together a bit more thickly than they should. Could this cause my problem?

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On the iBook G4 12" 1.33 the sleep magnet is located inside the LCD display and the reed switch board (sleep board) is glued on the optical drive. If you removed the optical drive make sure the reed switch board was glued back in place after the drive reinsertion and that the reed switch cable was connected to its socket near the top case socket. check steps 29-30:

iBook G4 12" 1.33 GHz Logic Board Replacement

If you swapped the complete display assy with a display from another iBook G4 model don't forget to remove the magnet from the original 1.33 12" display and install it in your replacement display. The magnet is inserted in a small bracket that you must screw in the display.

Now concerning the speakers socket, it can't be glued in place on the logic board. The only way to restore the speakers function is to solder 4 small wires directly to the logic board speakers socket pads then connect them to the top case speakers wires. You need to use a solder iron with a fine tip like the Weller WM120:

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+ Ralph


Nice answer +


Thanks for such a detailed reply. I have a question that will likely unmask me as a novice here. I put the machine back together without fixing the speaker issue, so I can't look at it right now. As I recall, there was solder on either side of the socket, but not by the actual pins. if I solder the socket back on the way it seemed like it should go, will the speakers work? Or do I need to solder each of the four pins separately?


You need to solder the pins separately and at the good locations. It would be easier to do the soldering job if you remove the logic board from the iBook.


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that sounds not that good.

speaker socket:

thats bad - are all solder contacts still on the logicboard ?

without soldering is not possible - glue won't work ;-)

but when one of the contacts is ripped of the board - no regular chance to fix that ok, a tiny one is left - but thats a different story)

sleep issue: i think you misplaced the magnet and thats why the iBook won't sleep. read the notes to step 26

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