Reconnected Logic Board and screen is black?

So I went through the tutorial online to remove the logic board to replace the thermal paste and clean out the dust in my computer. However after reassembling everything, my computer chimes and begins to boot like normal... but now my screen is black? What did I do wrong?

My one thought is that the power connector underneath the logic board, which was the hardest to reconnect, may not be securely reattached... would that be causing my screen to be dark?

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Yes - go over all your connectors again. Often first time DIYers think that a connection is "good" but on recheck it was found to be loose, not square, snapped down or ribbon cable fully inserted, right side up, cam locked.

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Yup that was it! Something must have been loose! I got my screen back... However now I have a pink screen?! Now what? Tried resenting the PRAM yet didn't help. When I plug it into my external display and it looks normal, but my laptop screen is still pink.


Hate to say it but the mungged conniption may have damaged the LCD. Since the external is ok the good news is it's not your GPU/logic board… but someplace in the internal display chain. Maybe someone here with more knowledge than I can confirm it's the LCD or suggest some other likely cause. - For future reference you posted a Comment in the place where only Answers belong. Please use the add comment link to the appropriate Answer or update your O.Q..


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