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difficulty installing new water pump

I am trying to install a new water pump. However, I cannot get the thing onto the shaft. I have it aligned correctly but it will only go onto the shaft about a quarter of an inch. Any ideas?

Kenmore series 60 110.91566210


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oops, sorry. A kenmore series 60 top loader


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See if this video will help:

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I've watched that before. Actually, that video inspired me to do it myself. However, when it says slide the new pump onto the shaft, that is where mine refuses to go on. Should I use a mallet to try to "convince" it to slide on? Or will that cause damage?


This is getting over my limit of advice. I'd contact the pump seller. It may need to be "hydraulically pressed" into place.


Thanks. That sounds ominous.


Fixed. There was enough build up of rust that a dremel was required to remove a thin layer.


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