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Metal piece missing inside my iPhone, need help!

I tried to open my iPhone 5s and when I tried to 'pry'(?), the cable from the Touch ID got loosened and a little metal piece with 2 holes came off but I couldn't see from where.

I wanted to make sure that there wasn't water inside because the music wasn't clear after I made some calls after I came out of the shower, but since this metal piece came off the sound is normal again.

I closed my iPhone up again but I'm very worried, maybe someone could tell me where it belongs?

And also how to open the phone more carefully next time ? I tried as careful as possible but it just snapped (?)... :(

Thanks in advance

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That little metal peice goes over the touch id connector

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Thanks^^ so that means it goes over the connector and is covered by the cable, right?


Also is that metal piece absolutely necessary? Because I'm a little bit cautious now about opening my iPhone and I'm a little afraid that the next time the cable could be damaged.


The metal peice is just placed over the button to stop it disconnecting if it had a bad drop so it doesn't matter if you leave it out won't affect the function of the iphone


That's a relief.

THANKS !!! :)


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