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Repair information and troubleshooting for Craftsman-brand riding lawnmowers.

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Pressing down on forward peddle to far and the mower slows down?

What is causing the automatic transmission mower to slow down instead of speed up when the forward peddle is pressed down all the way. Is it a peddle over-travel issue? is it a clutch issue? Or is it a Transmission Issue that needs to be taken into Sears to be fixed. Thanks.

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You are probably engaging the governor, which is a built in safety. Here's some information on it:

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Mayer, I checked out the link thanks for that but I don't think it is the govenor. The engine does not change when I press down on the peddle. The problem is independent of where I have the throttle set at. I do notice it is more prevelent when pulling a load in the Garden cart however. When the throttle is to Mid position and the engine is purring normally. Slowly push down on the forward peddle and the mower starts moving forward. Just as you get to the end of the travel for the peddle themower slows down. The engine doesn't change though. If you let up on the peddle slightly the mower will start rolling back up to full speed again. The engine seems to have plenty of get up and go.


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How old is the tractor? Is the hydro unit made in Illinois? Mine has an adjustment on the lower right side of the transmission with a turnbuckle that can adjust this out of it. However it will also affect just where the neutrat position ends up at. There is also appears to be a bypass valve on this trans. If too much pressure the valve opens and it unloads. I hope this unit is not leaking any oil, however that would be the first thing to check. Also pull off the overflow hose and insert a homemade dipstick. It should be almost full.

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