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Apple's line of MacBook Pro laptops was intended for the professional and power users. The MacBook Pro line includes the MacBook Pro 13" Unibody, MacBook Pro 15", MacBook Pro 15" Unibody, MacBook Pro 17", and the MacBook Pro 17" Unibody.

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Missing keyboard/trackpad cable cover, how important?

My recently purchased used MacBook Pro (model A1286, early 2011) does not have the keyboard/trackpad cable cover (the metal plate with the holes in it) shown in step 15 of this trackpad replacement guide; apparently it was not reattached the last time it was removed. (It is also shown in step three under the index finger and in step 4 above the index finger.)

How important is the keyboard/trackpad cable cover, or what exactly is its purpose?

Is it strongly advised to get a replacement, or if not possible, is it important enough such that I should make one myself? (Assuming I can borrow a friend's [not sure I know anyone with a MBP...] to use as my duplication/fabrication guide)

If it would normally rest snugly on top of the connectors (meaning: no gap under the cover,) then I could speculate the purpose is to prevent the connectors from detaching.

But with mine not having the cover, there's no way I can check it... (Again, not sure I know anyone with a MBP I could look inside.)

Barring a definitive answer on the basic question of how important it is, could/would anyone who already has the bottom cover of their MBP removed for other reasons, please check if there is a gap under the cover?

Thanks, Wex

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It just helps hold the cable in place. Use some kaptan tape and stick it down. No big deal.

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Awesome, thanks!


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