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Problems with fixing screens for other people?

Hey Ifixit community,

I just wanted to ask you guys, what is the best way to present people with the fact that I can fix screens? I usually tell people what I charge and that I promise a new screen. However, sometimes people are annoying and paranoid and start to claim that I messed up their phone. How can I tell people before I fix their screen, that it is a risk? Thanks guys!!

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Hi there I have a repair sheet that I follow on every function on the phone for making calls , vibration, charging and all buttons etc.. I check before the repair and tick off my sheet what is working and what isn't. Then I ring the customer and state if something's not working with they never told me.

After the repair I do the check sheet again and if something isn't working and it was before the repair I know it was my faulty and repair it..

What problems are you having?

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Hey thanks for the answer, could you list more things I should check for? I think that is a great idea. I mainly repair screens and replace batteries. However, sometimes people don't tell my things or message me a week later saying that their screen is being weird or a biutton isnt working. What do you tell people in order to protect yourself from people making you repair it again?

Thanks again for your help!


Every thing that's used in the phone like wifi and cameras .

There has been a couple of people that have come back a few days later with a part that has went bad or the screen that I install went funny this happens.

ever part u buy isn't always going to work 100% it happens to us all and you just have to be professional and fix it. There's nothing as bad as a horrible reputation

All my repairs come with a 3 month warranty on the parts installed


ok that makes sense! do you think one month is ok for warranty? I just want someone else's opinion because I dont want to worry that people will come back later and try to act like i did something wrong.


It's up til you if the replacement part is good quality it will last a lot longer than 3 months. Were are you buying your parts from? Were you located?


I am in Georgia. I buy them online, like Ebay and sometimes on here. Theyre just expensive here.


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