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Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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Teardown showing display assembly removal & installation?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of a teardown procedure, showing how to remove the display assembly, and then reinstall a new one, for the A1502 model?

My two year old joined forces with a nail file, and in a matter of 2 seconds, did some permanent art work on my display glass.

As I understand, I have to replace the entire display assembly, thanks to Apple's creative design "improvements," which make replacing just the glass, impossible.

Thanks in advance...

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Thanks, Dan,

Actually, I spoke with several techs, who told me not even to think about screwing with trying to replace the glass. I'm actually looking for the procedure of replacing the entire display unit, which I'm told is not all that difficult. There's one on youtube, which I just found, but it's not very detailed. It looks pretty straightforward, but the display assemblies are about $400. Better than the $650 that apple quoted me.

I'm finished with apple after this machine dies. I'm sick of their move toward irreplaceable/unrepairable/non-upgradeable laptops. There's absolutely no reason to make the display irreparable, if not to force consumers to buy a new machine. The glass on previous MacBooks would have cost less than $100 to have replaced, instead I have to replace the entire display, which would cost almost half of the original price of the whole machine.

That's not even to mention the soldered-in ram, glued-in hard drives and SSDs, etc. I'm a design engineer in a different, but related field. There's no reason for what they're doing, other than to force a new purchase. I love macs, but I'm done.

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I'm also an engineer by training and have worked in this field a long time. So on the most part I agree I don't like the lack of repairability Apple as well as others are moving towards. Sadly, Apple maybe a tick ahead of the others but they too are moving as fast as they can in that direction, you can't blame Apple here alone. In a capitalistic society companies need to strive for cheaper ways to create their goods (which is why in the tech sector the costs of the gear has gone way down with way more processing power than the last generation). Second point here - Given the demand of the public for smaller lighter gear also prohibits the design as we have seen in the generational change. I would love to have a say at the design meetings to try pushing for more repairable options thinking outside of the box a bit to make it happen. Apple are you listening??


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Is this what you are looking for? MacBook Pro Retina Display Teardown. Make sure to read Step 7 before you even think about fixing these. We don't even try...

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Well if your just replacing a broken LCD step 7 is irrelevant. Panel is about $160, whole assembly $400.


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