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iPod touch 4th gen wont power on after installing new screen

So I was replacing an old screen on ipod touch 4th gen and I forgot to make sure the battery was dead so when I was unscrewing the shield for the board as I was unscrewing one of the screws I noticed a quick burst of electricity (I saw it actually). I went on to replace the screen and when all was finished it wouldn't turn on, hard reset, or even be recognized by itunes. I even tried shorting the third battery terminal on the right to no avail even while plugged in and holding power button. It doesn't respond at all to anything. Please help.

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You might have fried the board check and clean all connections but my guess would be the board fried when the electricity jumped off the screw. Also check everything that was connected to the board and the screw that had the electricity because these are also in danger of being fried.

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That's what I was afraid of, but without knowing for sure if it was the board or something else I'm guessing that repairs are going to be close what it would cost to just buy a whole other ipod right?


It depends on how much is fried if its just the board it could be cheaper than a whole phone if it turns out to be every-thing than your better off replacing the whole phone. Check for burns or any sign of breakage this site may have the parts you need and definitely the tools and most likely the guide. It really just depends on the extent of the damage.


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