The Droid Razr is an Android-based, 4G LTE-capable smartphone designed by Motorola.

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Problem with wifi signal level after repair (changing LCD display)


after replacing the LCD unit of my Razr XT910, I got a problem with very low wifi signal level. Is it possible that I have damaged the wireless antenna ? The GPS is not connecting, too. However, it was not connecting before I replace the LCD. I am still in doubt where it is really positioned the wifi antenna.

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With little documentation out there, and not having that specific model on me I looked at a couple of teardowns and images of the parts. There is two antenna's I can see on the mid frame (rear housing). One near the top, the other near the bottom. The larger of the two will most likely be cellular.

There is also a possible antenna on the LCD flex cable. I would generally think its a IC but from lack of traces leading to it, just can't be.

Block Image

As for the GPS, antennas are usually in the controller for it.

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