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Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Here with another one...:) Wont start past apple logo

So you're thinking what a n00b I am to ask this question, but it's really weird.

iPod 4th gen touch

iPod wont startup past apple just stays at the apple logo for about 5 minutes then goes to a loading screen, then screen turns all white and crazy until ipod runs out of battery. DFU doesnt work when ipod has this white screen...nothing does. Computer recognizes it like any other ipod, but ipod stays at apple logo. I restored it twice, reset it many times, nothing. I should mention I replaced the screen but it had the same issue prior to me touching it.

Any ideas?

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have you tried flashing it with a new battery in?

any signs of liquid damage?

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No water damage, battery was recently soldered onto the board...I can tell because the solder joints are not "perfect". IDK i doubt its the battery...the thing stayed at the white screen all night long...that battery is fine IMO. Thnx


Any chance it could have been the soldering job creating a minor problem?


Might be, soldering job looks extremely crappy but all solder joints are connected to the solder pads on the board and the battery flex cable looks good, no rips or minor lacerations.


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