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The PowerMac G5 is a desktop computer first produced in 2003 by the Apple Corporation. This guide will review the repair process of an Apple PowerMac G5 model number A1047 EMC 2061 from 2004. It was discontinued in 2006 as part of the Intel switch first to developers then consumers.

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Is my mac's hardware causing problems?

My Power Mac G5's specifications can be viewed here, since the panic attacks are extremely long.

I have recently had the following problems:

1. Mac showed a blank screen ( this lasted a day, connecting to the second port on the Mac fixed it ).

2. My Mac has at least 30 damaged SUID files says were damaged and will not be repaired.

3. No versions of Flash Player will install, even on different user accounts.

Is any hardware in my Power Mac G5 damaged?

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The latest crash was caused by Stainless Client - that may be why flash won't install. I know nothing about Stainles, but, the linked page says "Although Stainless cannot make up for the dismal performance of not being able to have the latest Flash player on PowerPC" so that makes me consider that it might interfere with flash. The second to the last crash and others before that were caused by Core Audio.

Irrelevant reports of Damaged SUID files (you don't list them) are a "known issue" with specific machines and OS's.

I'm a volunteer so I didn't look beyond the first two incidents… maybe someone else here will, sometimes fixing one or two things solves or uncovers other issues.

You know your Graphics Card is suspect or damaged (using second VGA? port). That's one piece of hardware you could replace if you have a known good card to try. I don't know with a machine this age if I'd go buy a new card unless it was less than $50.00 (how much money do you want to put into this dinosaur?)

Try booting from the original install, and repair disks.' 'Run Apple Hardware Test. Come back with results and please USE THE COMMENT LINK to reply to this answer.''

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