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Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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How to build an iPod Touch 4

I am recently trying to figure out all the pieces I would need in order to build an iPod Touch 4 So, what are all the parts I WOULD need to successfully build an iPod Touch 4?

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The core part is the motherboard of iPod Touch 4, which is hard to get.

I think there is not a original and brand new motherboard in the market. So you have to get a old one in a hand market.

The replacement part is easy to get.

The ifixit iPod tough 4 teardown will give you a hand to build it.

You can get iPod Touch 4th Replacement Parts at ifixit store or witrigs.

You need LCD with digitizer and frame, back cover, EMI shield, headphone jack, battery, rear facing camera, Front Camera Fastening Piece, back facing camera, speaker, WIFI Flex Cable, Power and Volume Button Circuit.

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